5 Most Profitable Business In Ghana

Profitable business In Ghana

Hey Wait! I said this is profitable and not a get rich quick scheme “thing” .  We often think the only way we can get a profitable business is by having a so-called certificate or graduating with a Masters in Finance.

Don’t get me wrong, Education is a major key to success in life but aside going to college here some profitable businesses you can try your hands on. Remember Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, Mark Zuckaberg, Aliko Dangote and many more.

What do these people have in common? Hard-work, Dedication and being Billionaires. Yes, right. Dr. Osei Kwame Despite couldn’t complete school and had to sell cassettes on the street but due to hardwork and perseverance, he’s one of the richest men in Ghana now.

1. Agriculture

Agriculture is a good venture. For any country you get in, foodstuff and vegetables are needed in all sectors. And the demand for foodstuff is more. Why do you think we set aside a Day to acknowledge Farmers?

People have taken agriculture for granted and only want to sit in offices dressed in suit and tie but how would we get the cereal if it wasn’t for that hardworking farmer? How would we get fish if it wasn’t for that fisherman? Think about it.

Agricultural business can be in the form of poultry farming, crops harvesting, fish farming and many more.

Agriculture helps boost the economy so much so that even celebrities are venturing into it. John Dumelo has invested into the agriculture sector and is now a part time farmer.

Here’s how you can start;

For crop farming:

  • You can start off by acquiring a capital for your venture
  • After getting the capital, go on to acquire a small land.
  • Try as much as possible to start with crops that grow fast or crops that grow all season.
  • After some time, you can then harvest your crops and make some money.
  • You can also acquire another land start planting cocoa seeds. As we know cocoa farming is a very huge business in Ghana.

We will dive into details and show you where to get opportunities or support online.

2. Transport Business

People travel everyday. And the demand for quality service is required. Most people do not like the government transport system and they decide to patronize Private transport because of their quality of service and their safety. You can think of transport bus services such as VIP, VVIP, O.A Travel and Tour Bus and the AAYALOLO Bus. These are all profitable businesses you can try your hands on.

But incase you do not have that money to start the bus transport business, you can choose to go with tricycle business which is now trending in Ghana for goods transportation. Well I know most guys will say they are shy to ride that.

I know a Doctor who rode the tricycle after work. So when he closes in the afternoon he comes back and then rides it, transporting goods for people. And he’s making double money aside his government work. So get to work guys!

3. Uber-ing

Uber has come to stay. Especially if you stay in the capital, Accra. Most of the visitors are foreigners who come to Ghana for touring.

Since Uber is an international service with their main office in the U.S.A. Most this foreigners book for a taxi through Uber to get them around town. I know few people who are making income from Uber more than the normal taxi.

But first of all you have to get a taxi. After that register on the Uber website. Make sure to work with trustworthiness as that will make you earn the trust of your customers and you be paid more.

4. Electronic Commerce or Online Store

E commerce has come to stay. Most people would prefer shopping online to making purchases outside their homes/offices. And it is not going to change in the following years to come.

I am sure you’ve heard about Jeff Besos, the Amazon C.E.O who broke the record to become the richest man in 2017 surpassing Bill Gate. Well he did it through the power of online store.

Aliexpress also has been breaking records every year. Now that’s the power of online market.

In a developing country like Ghana, it will be better to start an online store as we are progressing in technology. Some years to come Ghanaians will embrace the use of online stores.

Most Ghanaians actually buy from Amazon and Aliexpress so you can also be successful with your own online store. You can choose to reach more people outside Ghana.

For starters, you can go with Shopify, BigCommerce and others which come with a monthly fee. But as the years progress you can create your own online store on your personal hosting and you will only pay annually.

5. Restaurant Business:

You make that salivating food? Or you know someone who does? Food is a source of energy for man. And food is a constant need of man. Almost everyone is making food business of late but most of them do not have the right skills.

So as long as you have the right skills and maintain that personal hygiene then you will definitely attract customers to your joint.

Make sure to find a suitable location with good population like a place around office blocks or schools. And keep your business neat as people value hygiene. As your business grows you can move your business online to attract more people.

You can create a Facebook page or advertise your restaurant online. Packaging is also an important factor.


We will dive into more details about these 5 profitable business.