Businesses You Can Do In School (College or Senior High)

We all need some cash in our lives. We may be young but we feel that we need to make some money just to help our parents. It is sometimes not easy when you are not from an endowed background.

With determination and perseverance anything is possible. Dr. Osei Kwame Despite had to sell cassettes back in his days. But now look at where he is. Also, some prominent men in Ghana used to work whiles in school just to pay for their fees.

This post will be divided into two sections just to help the readers. We will cover how to make money if you are in College today. And later we will cover how to make money if you are in Senior High School.

Business To Do In College

1. Clothing;

Clothing is a big time business. Whiles on campus, you may spot some people who may be just interested in clothes and sneakers. Now most of these people spend more on just clothing. And they like to follow the latest fashion trends.

Also, there is a saying that ladies are big spenders. Well, it might be true though, as most times college ladies are influenced by their mentors on Instagram to wear what is new. Most of these ladies are also slay queens on social media so you can see how to maximize on this opportunity.

But how do I get the clothes to buy?

  • You can choose to buy your clothes online at a very cheaper rate. Most chinese websites provide the price of clothes at a low rate. These methods have been used by big companies in Ghana and they are making profits. You can read below on how to find and shop from these websites with low prices.

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  • Also, you can decide to go to second hand boutiques. Mostly these clothes are second hand from European countries and America. You can select the quality ones and wash them properly. After which you can sell with some prices added to it.

2. Watches

With no doubt, watches are really big in the markets. Let me say I knew some people in University of Ghana who followed my advice and started selling watches. What I told them to do was buy them at a lower rates and sell them high. And guess what, they are really making money out of this. They are now selling premium watches for 200 cedis to big men at high offices.

But the truth is the watches are less than 70 cedis. Now the person selling it gets to make a profits.

These watches might be cheap but they look expensive. And you wont believe the prices.

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3. Sports Equipment

Well, I have done this kind of business before but I wasn’t in the college. I sold in the community. And if it can work in the community, why can’t it work in college? I was selling basketball knee guards and jerseys. And I was making some money back then.

Before you think about starting this business; Kindly think about the type of popular sports in your college or community. Once you identify it, you can go ahead and get the sports equipment. Read how to buy sports equipment at cheap rates.

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4. Printing And Photocopying Business

Which level of education makes more printing and photocopying? You guessed right!

First buy your printer at a cheap rate. You can survey in your area if you see any Foreign “Burgers” with their goods. 80% of these guys bring printers to Ghana. Convince him to sell it to you at a cheaper rate.

After acquiring the printer, it is time to advertise and tell your friends about your new venture. And offer them some low price. As time goes by, you may multiply the money you invested and can use that profit to buy another printer or do something profitable.

5. Photography

What more do I have to say about photography? Don’t you see the high demand of photographers in Ghana nowadays? Just like sometime back there was rise in the Ghanaian music industry. Everyone wanted to make music.

Photography is now a hot cake. The problem might be acquiring that powerful DSLR Camera. If you want quality one, it will really cost. But you can search online and find the cheap ones.

Once you have acquired the Camera. This is how you can make money with it;

  • Speak to these college models and offer them shoots at lower prices. Most of them will pay for it.
  • Also there might a wedding or a ceremony near you! Make sure to take some chances.

But before you embark on this journey, I suggest you watch some YouTube Videos on how to handle the camera and shoot high resolution pictures just for you to look professional.

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