How To Buy Cheap Sports Equipment And Sell At High Price

Sports are daily activities seen all over the world. Well it may interest you know that sports personalities earn huge salaries too.

This article will be about buying cheap sports equipment and selling them at high prices. For our new readers it may interest you to know that; My friend and I entered into this venture. We used to sell basketball equipment which we bought at cheap prices and sold at high prices. And we made our profits in no time.

This method is similar to How to buy cheap watches

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Lets get straight into how to bank with this method;

How To Find Cheap Sports Equipment

  1. Go ahead and visit

For those who don’t know. Aliexpress is one of the biggest online platforms, providing quality products at affordable prices.

2. Browse through the categories on the left panel; Under the categories you will see a whole list of products.


3. Go ahead and select sports under the category.

4. As you can see above, they are different sports equipment. They have a whole variety from sneakers to hunting equipment.

5. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s go ahead and select Sports clothing.

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Here we see another sub-category under the sports section. Lets choose Jerseys.

6. Again we have to specify whether we want Football jersey, basketball jersey or any other form of jersey.


Now one thing you should remember is that. There are some hot products which can really sell in Ghana and you just have to figure it out. But most of the stuff on Aliexpress are pretty cheap.

And just incase you guys think this business is not possible. You should check out an Instagram page called waterparksports. These guys just sell basketball and sports equipment. And the interesting thing is that they have really grown into big business.