Guide: How To Start A Fruit Selling Business In Ghana

Fruit Selling Business In Ghana

We see this everyday but do we really know the health benefits and the economical importance for ourselves? Fruits are essential in our everyday life. There’s a saying ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Before we start with the benefits of the fruit selling business why don’t we start with some of the importance of eating fruits everyday.

  1. Eating the right fruits helps to prevent diseases.
  2. Eating the right fruits helps to nourish your skin.
  3. It helps in the proper functioning of body organs and systems.
  4. Eating the right fruits helps fight and protect the body against infections.
  5. Eating the right fruits helps in your weight loss exercise.

Now that we know some of the health benefits. Another advantage is mutualism. Mutualism in the sense that as we make money by selling fruits, our consumers also become healthy.

palette of fruits


  1. Find A Good Location

It seems every business needs a good location? Of course it does. You need a good location for people to patronize your goods.

Let me help you with how to find a good location. Do you know a popular supermarket in your area? Try and talk to the management that you want to rent a part of their location to start selling fruits. Guess what? Not all of them will agree to your proposal but atleast one will certainly agree.

Also, you can try and talk with some managements of Banks. As people are always rolling in and out from banks.

2. Get Your Equipment Ready

It is now time to get your table, knife and some napkins. And don’t forget a table cover. Once your location is ready, make sure to get this things ready.

3. Get Your Capital

Get your capital or money ready to buy the fruits and the mentioned equipment. You don’t need so much to buy the fruits. You can start with as low 50 cedis. The problem might be the table; the table might cost a lot depending on your carpenter.

4. Buy Your Fruits

There are different kinds of fruit. There are fruits which are produced seasonally. And when produced, they are in high demands.

You should start off with oranges and some bananas. And later you can add apples, berries, pineapple or sugarcane (based on the choice and requests of your customers).

Here is how to spice your business up;

Add more equipment as you gain profit. These could be disposable forks, cups, spoons etc. or a mixer for making smoothies or juice. Also change your table cloth frequently and keep your sales area very neat and eco-friendly.

You can also showcase magazines which list the benefits of each fruit you sell.

For example, you prove to guys how banana and some other fruits can help increase their fertility. 

And how some fruits also help to increase libido and improve sex life.

With these methods, you will be encouraging natural treatment, which can help reduce the high rate of consumption of sexual pills and alcohol in the country just for sexual desire.

You have a problem starting? Kindly leave a message below and I will humbly reply.