How To Open A Boutique In Ghana

Boutique Business

But why boutique? People do wear clothes everyday. People change clothes everyday. People buy clothes everyday too. There are some people who buy clothes every week. So now you see that boutique can be a good venture.

Opening a boutique can be a great investment for the public because the people of Ghana are always on the lookout for new trends. You just don’t need a fashion sense to start a business.

You need to know what the people want, need to think like the youth, need to capture what’s on the market, need to know the price settings and all that.

Keep reading the guidelines on how to open a boutique.

1. Decide on the type of Boutique you want to open:

You need to decide on the type of boutique that you want to open. Would you like to open a small boutique where you sell stuff to only your friends or you would like open a high end boutique where you start an Instagram page to reach more people across the country.


2. Find A Good Location:

Location in every business is very important. Location can help people to locate you easily. So you need a good location. Imagine having a shop near Legon campus or any big campuses. Student will be flooding your shop on a daily basis.


3. Get That Location As Soon As Possible:

This advice is for only people who will the money to acquire the location. When you have money and you know the location will get you more sales. Hurry up then acquire that location; Because people are always in demand of good location.


4. Draw up a business plan:

After acquiring your location. It is time for you to sit down with the help of people you trust to draw down a business plan. For now you can take a book you value and write down the following things.

i. How much you need to start?

ii. What are the things you want to buy?

iii. Which people are you targeting? Kids, Adults or Youths?

This is just a few business ideas you can write. You contact us to help you.


5. Get Some Capital Or Investors

This is one of the most important thing. You need to get some small money to start with. If you dont have money with your business plan you can always convince people to help you once they know you have some determination.

I am sure there’s someone in your church who might help you. You may need as a low 100 cedis or even 150 cedis to start.

How much do you spend on airtime every week? Now multiply that whole amount by 12.

6. Buy The Apparels And Accessories For Cheap

Now after getting the money and investment. It is time to utilize it. You may choose to buy your clothes online or from some trusted sources. Or you can even go the second hand boutique and look out for some good clothes, wash it and then re-sell it to make some money.

But incase you want to buy from online

If you have as little as 100 cedis you can buy it from an online shop.

They are some famous Chinese online shops which provide quality clothing.

I will mention a few.


  • visit
  • In aliexpress, there are number of categories to choose from.

NB: Aliexpress is owned by the Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma, so there’s no need to worry. Moreover a lot of Ghanaians have been buying from that site. As it is one of the most visited website in Ghana.

  • Should you click on the join at the top right corner of the website.
  • After signing up, make sure to browse through the clothing categories and check the items before making any purchase.
  • A little advice I will give to you is to check ratings of every seller and also check customer reviews. As it will help you.

Also if you need further help you can comment below.


7. Advertise your products:


A smarter way to go is to advertise your product 2 weeks before it arrives or a week. You can choose to advertise on social media or tell your friends which will really help.

Now with advertising on social media;

I suggest you can create a Fanpage on Facebook and Instagram. A lot of Ghanaians spend their time just on social media. So you can use this opportunity to do.

After creating the Facebook fanpage go ahead and search for ” Buy And Sell”. You will find groups related where you can search you product.

You can also promote it in various whatsapp groups. And once they see that the clothes is beautiful, I bet that you will be making sales.

Someone making sales on whatsapp


8. Provide a Good Customer Service;

If you don’t provide a good customer service there’s no way I’m buying something from you. And that’s how people always lose customers. Try and smile to your customers to create a good impression.


Who knows? They might bring more people to your shop.



Well guys that is all. If you have questions please comments below and also if you like this article. Kindly share. Youth Empowerment!

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