GUIDE: How To Start A Provision Shop In Ghana.

Provision Shop In Ghana

The Ghanaian foot, feeling the touch of the scorching sun, will not walk by a shop without buying a drink or some water. On daily basis, customers walk in to at least buy some PK or Abedi Pele. You remember those times right? Buying these stuffs is nothing new in Ghana. It’s no surprise then that there are a lot of provision shops in Ghana.

how to start provision shop in ghana

Provision shop business is a lucrative one. You don’t need huge sum of money to start buying groceries and start selling them.

Now imagine how bad it will be if there’s no provision shop in your area and people have to walk to another area just to buy groceries every morning or evening.


  1. Find A Location;

Finding a location shouldn’t be a big deal. We are starting on a low budget so we can utilize any nice space.

For now, you can wander around in your area whiles you search forĀ a place. Ask yourself if the place you’ve chosen is a popular joint where people always pass by?

2. Acquire A Shop

For people to start taking you serious. You need to get a small kiosk. Go ahead and get a kiosk. And please tell your carpenter to add some shelves. Like the picture below;

And just incase you don’t really have money to pay for a carpenter to construct shelves for you, you can start with a small table. Just like below;

3. Make A List

Write about 50 – 100 consumer goods that people need in their everyday life. Ask your family and friends to help you select 15 – 20 goods which will really sell in your community.

4. Make Contact With Wholesalers

Finding a wholesale won’t be difficult thing. You have to present your business plan to them. And they might even help you start with some free goods for the first month.

You can either choose to start with 150 cedis in buying the consumer goods. Remember the shortlist you made? Noodles, Biscuits, Detergents and many more.

5. Start keeping Records

It is important for you to get a small notebook. The notebook will be used to record data; whenever someone buys something or when you give your goods on credit.

Also, it is important to write down the total amount you have invested so far. If it is important to you then you have to keep all the records. That is business!

6. Provide Good Customer Service

Be it a fake or genuine smile, you can really make a difference daily by smiling and speaking nicely to your customers.

Always put that happy face on when a customer comes in because you need that money. And once they know that you are a friendly seller, I bet they will be coming to your shop every now and then.

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