How I Made $500 On Instagram In A Month – How To Make Money On Instagram

You read the title right. Well, so how is this even possible to make $500 a month on Instagram? Yes, it is really possible. I might have even made more than this.

A lot of times, people spend more time on their social media just for nothing. Gone were the days when I used to waste my time on social media for nothing.

Honestly, when I installed Instagram, all I wanted was for girls to like my pictures and just send me pictures. But I got to know that there was more to it than just girls liking your pictures.

I always try to make my blog lively and write about some personal stuff just so you can also relate.

Fast-forward, I am no longer posting on my Instagram just to impress girls. I’m posting on Instagram to make additional income to what I make online just to help my family.

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  • Which type of Instagram account to create
  • How you can grow your Instagram account followers
  • How to make money from it.

1. Which Type of Instagram Account To Create.

As I said earlier in my post; I created an Instagram account just to impress girls. But there are different numbers of niches you can work around. Let me give you an idea of the different niche you can have.

You can have a niche under;

  • Cats
  • Travel girl
  • luxury
  • food
  • fitness
  • fashion
  • dogs
  • babes
  • Instagram followers

There are many more niches but this is one of the most popular ones. Let me share a secret of one of the niches I created. So, I created an Instagram account where I was sharing a post to appreciate BBW – BBW means Big Beautiful Women. So once you know what you want to create, you then go for it.

And with the new feature in Instagram, you can login into a maximum of 5 accounts in your Instagram mobile app. So you can choose more than 3 niches.

2. How Can I Grow My New Instagram Account Followers?

I used one week to get over 1000 followers on one of my accounts. Well, I could have gotten more than that but I was also managing other accounts whiles working on other blogs and concentrating on my studies.

Now if you put in the dedication and much work you can get over half a million followers within 6 months period.

I have two ways of building my social accounts;

1. You can use the time-consuming way but effective method;

With this method; all I will do is search on Instagram and find niches which are similar to mine.

After doing so, I will turn the notifications on for that Instagram account. Guess what, that particular account has over a million followers.

OK! So why did you turn the notifications on? I turned it on so that anytime they post a picture, I will be notified so that I can see the people who have liked that particular post and follow them as soon as possible since they will be online to follow back ASAP!

I can also follow the followers of that account. And they will be quick to follow back.

You can also check the most recent post and follow the people who have liked that recent post.

2. You can use social media automated network; that helps you grow your social media presence. The problem with this method is that; sometimes the people who follow you will tend to unfollow you. But it’s easy for me.

1. Visit AddMe and sign up. When you sign up through the link you will get extra 50 points for the first account promotion. It’s free.

2. When you sign up, you can invite more people and you will get 300 points for your social accounts promotion.

Get More Likes On Your Instagram Post

Whiles building your Instagram followers, it is very necessary to show people that people like your post even if it’s fake. No one will like to see a post with just 2 likes or 10 likes on your picture. It will turn people and business partners away.

So the best app I will recommend is called Like on Playstore. You will get likes on pictures you post. Don’t buy likes on your post. This will attract more people to your account when they see that you have some people that like your niche.

3. How Can I Make Money With My Instagram Account?

There are several ways to make money on your Instagram account. We will start with;

  • By Selling Your Instagram Account

After growing your account for a month. And now you see solid Instagram impressions and engagement. You can decide to sell that account. This is where multiple accounts will help. Prices for your account may vary depending on the number of followers you have.

If you have an account with 39,000 followers; you can sell it for 370$. Let us do the maths here. In case you have about 6 accounts with an average of 30,000 followers and we are selling each for 300 dollars. Let’s multiply the number of accounts we assumed we have with the price we just assumed. 6*300= $1800

Hm, That seems huge. Get started now. Why are you wasting your time on social media for nothing?

The prices listed below may vary. That is because they are different niches such as travel, pets and others.

  • By Selling Shoutout

Now that you have built brands around a particular niche. New Instagram users also want people to know about their brand. This is where you come in. You can contact them and promote their pictures for a week depending on the prices you offer.

But they must see engagement. So that they will always come back to deal with you. You can use the app that I talked about earlier for automatic likes. And you can also use AddMe to send followers to your client account for just two days or more.

  • Start CPA

CPA is known as cost per action. So I will have you do an action and I will get paid. I won’t directly tell you what the action is but you will do it without knowing. The image below shows how much a CPA earns a day. You can even try and make 70$ a day with CPA.

cpa on instagram. Earn money on instagram

So for example, you might see an Instagram account with a link in their bio saying follow this link if you want more followers. This type of accounting is promoting a particular product. You may be asked to submit an email or download an app before getting the followers. And after completing this action, you will never get your followers.

If you want to know the best CPA program to join, kindly comment or send an email below.

That’s all guys. Drop your comments and let me know your progress and if you need any help.

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