How To Make Money With A Blog Without Any Investment

So I guess you just asked yourself if this is really possible. YES! It is really real. You won’t need any investment for now.

So by popular request from the people. Since my last post where I showed you guys how to make money online in 2018; a lot of people have sent me emails requesting an article on how to make money online without an investment.

Just in case you missed the previous article. Read it below;

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How Can We Make Money Online Without Any Investment?

1. Find A Good Niche

In every venture, you will need to know something about that particular venture. In the online world, you need to know a niche or a topic which you will want to write about. There are many niches around. Some of the niches are really saturated and is all over the internet. On the other hand, some of the niches haven’t been fully tapped.

Some Topics You Can Get Ideas From;

  • Health
  • Celebrity News
  • Entertainment News
  • Fishing
  • Real Estate News
  • Camping
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Make Money Online Niche

I mean there are a lot of niches out there you can select from. You can either follow your passion or gain small knowledge of that particular topic.

2. Sign Up For Blogger

Why is blogger the favourite? Many upcoming bloggers who did not have any investment when starting, were able to make some money.

You can check Africa’s most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. She started with publishing on Blogspot some time back. And even though she has become well known and made some money off her blog, she’s still with Blogspot. Ask yourself why?

So blogger is a free and easy blog-publishing service which is owned by Google. Basically, it is a free hosting service and you don’t have to pay for any monthly or yearly hosting fees.

So How Can I Create A Blog Using Blogger?

  1. Follow this link Blogger or search for blogger on search engines.

2. Click On ” Create Your Blog

3. Sign in with your Gmail to proceed.


4.  Give your blog a nice name relating to your niche/topic

5. Select your blog URL/address. example.

6. Select their free theme.

7. Click on the “create blog”

This is how the dashboard of your blogger will look like. You can go ahead and customize it and once you monetise it you can see your earnings on the left panel.

Customising Your Blog To Attract People

You need to make your website look nice and user-friendly.

  • Customize the predefined theme

Another advantage of creating your blog on blogger is that you get a free hosting and a free theme. There are numerous themes you can choose from. The theme can really change how your website will look like.

But in case you don’t like any of the themes we can help you modify the HTML; you can contact us by clicking here

Create Pages And Customise Your Layout

You need to create some important pages listed below. But first, let me show you guys how to create a page.

  1. Click on the page on the left panel.

2. Click on the new page and create a catchy post for about us page.

Important Page You Need To Create

1. About Us (About what your website is about/ and who manages it)

You can get an idea from this website HiplifeDx

2. Privacy Policy Page

3. Terms Of Use

Customise Your Layout

Once you have created the following pages, it is time for you to change the layout, add your logo, and assign some widgets and footers. It is quite easy. Visit the layout on the left panel and make the changes you wish to.

source: blogger
source: blogger

Time To Write Some Kick-Ass Articles

After customising and creating important pages, it is now time for us to start creating a post. You need to know this.

  • You must write original articles. Do not copy and paste an article from another website. And if you don’t really have words or topics to write about you can scan through websites that write about the niche you have chosen. And what you can do is re-write that same post. You can change words and add new words. 
  • You can also insert nice pictures but you have to give credit to the sources of the pictures you use if it is not your own property.

How Do I Start Making The Money?

It is time to turn your hard work into profit. Please note that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication. But it will surely pay off and you will start by earning 1000$ or more a month.

You can start earning by

  1. Google Adsense; Google Adsense has been around for decades and a lot of people make money from it too. And guess what Blogger is owned by Google so if you do the things we discussed well, you will start making some money real soon.


  • You must have the pages I mentioned shown on your blog.
  • You must be 18+
  • Original content is also important.

You can read Google’s policy where you will find all these requirements.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing or promoting a product from someone where you will be paid a commision for every signup or purchase. So based on the niche you selected you can always promote a product.

How Can I Promote My Blog For People To See?

To get people to read your blog

  1. Facebook groups: join facebook groups related to your niche and start posting in the group. But make sure not to spam the group.
  2. Promote your blog on WhatsApp platforms
  3. For food and fashion bloggers, Pinterest is the right platform for you to get more audience.

Now it is up to you to make use of this article and start making some cool cash.

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