FULL GUIDE: How To Make Money Online In Ghana 2018 With Examples

We are in the year of 2018 and many people’s new year resolution was to make money either to buy something for their family or to improve their standard of living.

Here’s what most Ghanaian bloggers won’t tell you; most of them are making some cash online. But hey, that is not really simple. However with this guide, I’m hopeful the procedure will help you.

I know there are many websites teaching about how to make money online. But the problem with these sites is they don’t teach you how to actually make money online. What most of them do is to showcase their annual income or inform that they are selling a course for you to buy. Now that’s not bad because that’s also their strategy of making something online.

Let us do the breakdown;

How Much Do I Need To Start An Online Business?

This question may have different answers. But when you are on a low-income budget then these options are for you.

  1. Domain name ($10.69)
  2. Hosting ($9.88/year)

You will need two things in order to start an online business; a domain name and a hosting.

So what’s a domain? A domain is basically the URL of your website. Something like the name of a website. An example is; the domain name for this website is called www.fastcedis.com. When buying a domain name; you can choose any name you would want your website to be called and also you can choose from different extensions such as .com, .net, .biz and many more.

I have got an amazing plan for you to get a domain at a cheap price. For the cheap domain, I will advise you to check this website called Namecheap. They are offering a domain for as cheap as 10.69 or less depending on the extension you want.

credit: namecheap

The second thing you will need is a hosting. What’s hosting? Hosting is an online server which stores your files and also enables people to access your website. Now if I had just bought my domain without buying a hosting, there was no way anyone could visit my website.

Hosting is really expensive. Some companies charge around $500 dollars or above for a year hosting.

The good news is I have two options for you. I will recommend where you can find the cheap web hosting and Expensive web hosting.

For cheap web hosting; I will recommend you to choose Namecheap. Now, these guys started with just domain but now they have upgraded. They are one of the best in the world right now.

I host about 4 or more websites on Namecheap hosting at a cheap price.

For the expensive web hosting; I will either recommend Bluehost or GoDaddy.


Here are the best ways to make money online in Ghana.

1. Start An Entertainment Website

Can you tell me what really trends on social media? Gossip or Entertainment news. Yes! That is right. Most social media news are filled with gossips and entertainment news. Most people just spend their precious time reading about what their favourite celebrity did over the weekend or most people are just on social media waiting to read about a scandal of a well-known celebrity.

Guess what, people are always there to read and share these scandals and gossip.


Here are some of the popular entertainment websites in Ghana; HiplifeDx, Ameyaw Debrah, Ghana Celebrities and others

You will need a web hosting and a domain to start with. After creating your website;

  • You can make money by applying native ads on your website.
  • You can make money by contacting big brands to host their brands on your website.

Don’t just jump into it because it has high engagement. One advice I will give out is; you need to know something or a little about entertainment in Ghana.

2. Start An Online Shop

Well, these can be very easy if you know the steps. Over the years, the number of people who shop on the internet has increased. People nowadays enjoy shopping on the internet than anything else.

One good thing about an online store is that; you can either choose to sell your services to people in Europe/America or to the local people.

Let me tell you this story about one of my websites; So I had this online shop where I used to sell apparels. The good thing was I did not own any of the apparels. So I will do something called dropshipping. Where you will browse through big online websites where they sell cheap stuff.

When you find the hot products; if you have an investment, you can go ahead and buy the product and resell them at a high price on your store.

Now if you don’t have any money. You can do something we call Dropshipping. Basically dropshipping is about selling products you don’t own at a high price and buying them and shipping it to the buyer.

People have made thousands of dollars just using the dropshipping method.

Here’s how you can start an online shop; you will have to get a domain and also get a hosting at an e-commerce company like Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce and many more.

One disadvantage for these e-commerce companies is that you will have to pay a monthly fee of 25$ or more. Which is too much.

I used to have an online store with Shopify when I started. I made my first 55$ on Shopify.

The amount for paying for an online shop is way too much so I normally advise my students to go for a domain and a cheap hosting at Namecheap.

Some online shopping companies in Ghana are Jumia and others

Let me help you create an online store

3. Start A Job Website

With current unemployment graduates in the country. We now have an association called Unemployment Graduates of Ghana. These are the people who have graduated from college but can’t find a job in Ghana.

The online search query for “how to find a job” is rising in most African countries.

You can create an online website where you post various and current jobs. How can I find jobs? You search other big websites like Jobsinghana.com. And you will find some jobs position. You can go ahead and search the right jobs. After selecting the right jobs make sure to copy and paste and share with others.

source: www.jobsinghana.com

As time goes, you will get people to visit your site for job opportunities.

You can then make some money by applying ads on your website. And you can contact big brands to advertise their products on your website.

4. Start A Tech Website

If you are a tech Geek then this is for you. It is time to showcase your talent to people. With tech website, you can do a lot of things from reviews, tech update and tips and tricks.

People are just curious to know more tricks about mobile phones, laptop, and devices.

With Tech Blog

  • You can write about latest smartphones that a company is unveiling.
  • Technology news
  • Android Apps
  • IOS

You can write about a whole lot of stuff. You can watch some YouTube videos to get topics.

Some big tech websites you can find in Africa are NaijaTechGuide, JBKlutse, and many more.

This is a profitable niche because you get to apply ads on your website and also become an affiliate marketer of a product where you can promote on your website.

The owner NaijaTechGuide made about $2774 just from affiliate marketing.

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5. Start A Food Blog

One amazing thing about food website is that you don’t only target your country people. But you get to get more visitors from Europe and America.

With a food blog, you can maximise on many things. You can choose to apply ads on your website or sell ebooks which have recipes. Selling of recipes ebook has become very popular and people still buy it.

Once you have your food blog ready how would you advertise it?

To get a lot of visitors then you will have to share your post on Pinterest. Majority of users on Pinterest are women who are interested in fashion, food, and animals.

Some big websites in the food niche is www.minnybunny.com

So this is a perfect chance to target audience form Abroad. You can watch some videos on YouTube about food. You can also get ideas on other food websites and even magazine.

6. Start A Music Download Website

When I talk about music download website. Some major websites come to your mind right? We can make mention of Ghanamotion, Ghxclusive, and many more.

People are always searching online for new music and old music just to download. If an artist like Sarkodie or Stonebwoy can have over 100,000 monthly viewers music stream like Spotify; then that should tell you that there are music lovers waiting for the music to download.

source: ghanamotion

You can also study the big website whenever there’s an upload and upload it to your website. But be careful of copyrights content.

Here’s how you can make money with your music websites;

  • You can apply ads on your website
  • You can charge musicians for any upload on your website.

7. Start A Breaking News Website

The news website is becoming a big niche in Ghana. Some big news websites in Ghana are Ghanaweb, YenGh, and many more

source: ghanaweb

With breaking news website, you can be buying a newspaper and writing about a particular news that has happened in Ghana. And with this method, you will get a lot of readers from Ghana and the African diaspora.

You must make sure your facts are right and not to concentrate on fake news. You will need some tools such as Grammarly, which is a free extension to help you correct some petty mistakes in your content.

8. Start A Soccer/Football/Sports Website

What are some of the things that sell Ghana outside? Which sports do Ghanaian youth and some adults enjoy a lot? Why are Ghanaian youths interested in soccer betting?

I hope the answers are clear enough?

Ghanaians and other African countries are obsessed with their favourite soccer team. You can maximise on that and start a soccer website; where you will be breaking soccer news and write about transfer markets. You can also add some style to it by suggesting some betting tips.

Goal.com is one of the popular sports websites where you can get latest sports news for your website.


How To Get Traffic Or People To Read Your Articles

  1. Join as many facebook groups and share your links in the group or with your friends on Facebook.
  2. Join many WhatsApp groups and share your content on there.
  3. Talk to your friends with mass followers on social media and ask them to share your link.
  4. For food blog since you want audience from America and Europe, you will have to signup for Pinterest and start sharing your post. You can also join Facebook groups relating to food and recipes and start sharing your post.

When Starting Your Website

  1. Do not invest too much money when starting. For the first year, I will advise you to go for cheap hosting and cheap domain. And once you start making money from that website then you can upgrade to expensive hosting.
  2. Make proper research and investigation before attempting anything. Just try and invest much time into the niche you choose. You don’t want to be out of ideas and lack of content. You should know what you will be writing about.

With all that I have written, it is time for you to make your decision and make some money. A wise man said, “it is not always about the formula and ebooks you buy but the time you invest in what you want to achieve.”

So if you really want to make money in 2018 then here you go.

NB: With this article, you will need a small fee to start. In case you want to make money without any investment. Then read more.